Superintendent’s Office

Dear Ceramics,

Every year, it seems like the first quarter of the school year flies by.  Of course, this year was no exception.  Now that the second quarter of the year has begun, we have already set the tone for the school year and established our expectations and routines.   I always enjoy visiting our classrooms to see our students and teachers highly engaged in educational activities.  Some of these activities and events are highlighted in this newsletter.  This includes updates from each of our schools, an athletic department update, information about new learning opportunities, and many others.

Over the summer we completed a few projects throughout our district.  We were proud to officially open our new Ceramic Stadium during our community night prior to our first day of school.  Additionally, we have successfully replaced every heat pump in both of our buildings with updated controls.  This provides consistent classroom temperatures, reduces humidity levels and provides higher quality air flow.  Our high school and K8 stages received updates as well, which provide enhanced performance areas.

As I begin my seventh year in the district and third as superintendent, I continue to be impressed by the amount of community pride that is displayed.  I am grateful and appreciative for the attendance and participation for our open house in August and homecoming festivities that were held several weeks ago.  I encourage everyone to participate in one of our many other upcoming events that will be taking place.  I look forward to continuing to work with you to provide the best education possible for our students.

Go Ceramics!

Your partner in education,

Kevin Smith