Superintendent’s Office

Dear Ceramics,

It is hard to believe that the first half of the school year is over and our winter sports seasons are well underway.  We have been fortunate with the weather so far this year, but I encourage you to watch your phones, local media, and our district Facebook and Twitter to see school closings and delays due to the weather.  Speaking of your phones, I wanted to remind you that our new calling notification system is called School Messenger and the phone number you will receive calls from is 844-875-6020.  I encourage you to save that number in your contacts.  Also, when you call the number back, you are able to hear previous messages from us if you happen to miss our call.

We have been very fortunate to have a new 21st Century Grant in place that we have called the iLearn Program.  Many of our students are participating in the before school programming offered to elementary students and the after school programming we offer district wide.  Additionally, we are offering transportation home from the afterschool programming to eliminate barriers for student participation.  So far, the program has been very successful.

We were very blessed to have some local organizations donate bicycles to some of our students for this holiday season.  Our district offers a big “thank you” to Bike Buckeye Lake for providing twenty bikes, helmets, and locks.  An additional Bikes Given Away for Christmas 2017thank you goes to Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) for providing bikes for our students this year and in years past as well.

This newsletter will provide you with some of the highlights from the first half of our very successful academic year.  I invite you to attend one of our many upcoming sporting or academic events that take place within our schools.  I truly appreciate all of the support our community shows for our students.  I am a firm believer that it takes students, staff, support staff, administrators, parents, and community members all working together to provide the best possible education for our students.

Your partner in education,

Matt Sheridan, Superintendent