Resourceful Websites

  1. English Vocabulary   
  2. Teacher Tube TeacherTube is exactly what it sounds like—YouTube for teachers(not to be confused with the Youtube-specific version above!). The design of the website is getting a little outdated (it’s reminiscent of past versions of YouTube), but there are many educational videos to choose from.
  3. YouTube for Teachers Recently, YouTube launched an education-specific version of the website called YouTube for Teachers.
  4. Seussville  Because everyone loves Dr. Seuss… This website is full of interactive whiteboard-friendly games, activities, printables and ideas for lesson plans focusing on the subjects made interesting and accessible (and discussible!) by Dr. Suess’ stories
  5. Turtle Diary .Over 1,000 educational activities, games, animated lessons, printable worksheets, interactive storybooks and more
  6. Mr. Nussbaum  Mr. Nussbaum is a website with tons of interactive games and activities for math, language arts, history, geography, science and more.
  7. Fuel the Brain  Have your elementary students practice their math, science and language arts skills with games and interactive activities from FueltheBrain!
  8. Smarty Games  Free games for learning how to use money, tell time, count and read. Also, you’ll find mazes, memory games, puzzles, Sudoku and more!
  9. Sesame Street  Sesame Street has a variety of activities that help students work on basic skills like counting, forming sentences, recognizing different shapes and objects, etc.
  10. Color Page  TheColor is home to hundreds of free online coloring pages that don’t even have to be printed. Everything is interactive and done online! Your pages can be saved to your gallery and shared with your students’ families. This is a great activity for students who finish early.
  11. Fun Phonics FunFonix (it’s the pronunciation that counts!) has a variety of early elementary phonics worksheets and online phonics games. Their worksheets are completely customizable
  12. Sadlier Phonics Activities Sadlier Phonics has a number of grade-appropriate online games and activities for students PreK-6.
  13. Graphic Organizers for Reading Comprehension Use these printable graphic organizers with your elementary students on a variety of reading comprehension activities. They are great for literary elements, reading assessment, reading comprehension, curriculum development and more.
  14. Read Write Think ReadWriteThink is a comprehensive collection of classroom resources for teachers. It includes searchable lesson plans, student interactives, activities and printouts. With this collection, students can explore elements of books and stories; develop characters’ create poems, comic strips, newspapers, flyers and more.
  15. TVO Kids This game plays just like a real spelling bee. Students hear the word and get one chance to spell it. They can have the word repeated and can also read a definition.
  16. Forvo How to pronounce words properly
  17. Apples for the Teacher Great website for teachers.  Activity pages, information, printouts,etc.
  18. About Core Curriculum






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