4th Grade


4th Grade Music Learning Targets:

I can classify instruments by the four families of the orchestra.

I can sing songs using accurate pitch and rhythm.I can demonstrate and identify simple musical forms (AABA and Rondo).

I can play classroom instruments with proper technique.

I can read, write, and perform using eighth notes, quarter notes, half notes, whole notes, dotted-half notes, sixteenth notes, quarter rests, half rest, and whole rest.

I can improvise and compose short musical compositions.

I can read treble clef note names.

I can identify elements of music using appropriate musical vocabulary.

I can discuss the lives and roles of different musicians throughout history.

I can reflect on a musical performance and provide constructive feedback for improvement.

4th Grade Community Night/Program

Thursday, May 2nd, 2024
K8 Upper Gym

5:30- Family Meal
6:00- Wax Museum Presentations
6:30- Music Program

Song Links!

Fifty Nifty United States
Buckeye Pride
Hot Cross Buns (2x’s)
Rolling Merrily (2x’s)
America the Beautiful


**Reminder- you can always access these on Google Classroom and any playing quiz assignments will be due in Google Classroom**

Video 1: Recorder Set-Up

Video 2: Learning “B”

Video 3: Learning “A”

Video 4: Playing “A” and “B”

Video 5: Playing “G”

Hot Cross Buns Tutorial

Rolling Merrily Tutorial

Fifty Nifty United States Practice

America The Beautiful Practice