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C. H. S. Reserve Football Seats on Sale for 2014 Season  at the HIGH SCHOOL ATTENDANCE OFFICE not at the district office beginning Monday, August 18 at 8 am – 3:30 pm, Cost $40.00 per seat.  


Will Sheets was recently honored as Crooksville Exempted Village School District’s outstanding educator.  Will (on the left) with Crooksville Schools’ new superintendent, Matt Sheridan.

2014 Opening Day and Exemplary Educator 063

To say that Will is a pioneer in his field is an understatement.  He is the first teacher within the Ohio Appalachian Collaborative to offer dual enrollment courses via distance education delivered to two adjacent high schools.  Will has been instrumental in the development of the Rural Ohio College High School (ROCHS) model that served as the premise for the OAC Straight A grant that was awarded last spring.  He has showcased his talents at state conferences, including the Capitol Conference student achievement fair.

Most recently, Will was selected to represent the Ohio Appalachian Collaborative at a Bill and Melinda Gates convening held in Snowbird, Utah.  The convening was entitled Elevating and Celebrating Teaching.  Will, along with three colleagues, including his wife Melissa, we’re so impressed with the convening that thy decided to apply to the Gates Foundation to hold a regional Gates Elevating and Celebrating Teaching in our area.  The grant was awarded and a convening will be held in October for local teachers at Burr Oak.

Will is most noted in our high school amongst our students for his FLAMMABLE FRIDAYS in his science labs.  Whether he is shooting t-shirts in our football stands, lighting kid’s hands on fire or blowing something up…..he has our kids ENGAGED in learning!

Will Sheets is married to Melissa (Reed) Sheets who teaches 2nd grade at Crooksville Primary. They have four beautiful children.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve our total educational program through involvement and cooperation of students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the total community in a unified effort to instill in all students self-confidence, respect for themselves and others, and a desire to learn. We hope that this website will assist us in accomplishing this vision through enhanced communication. On behalf of our entire staff and student body we hope you will find these pages informative.


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