Superintendent message

Dear Ceramics,

It is hard to believe that the first quarter of the school year has ended.  I want to extend my sincere gratitude for everyone’s continued support and patience as we navigate through this unprecedented time.  I couldn’t be more proud of our students and staff for their adaptability and creativity in providing exciting learning experiences.  As the second quarter gets underway, we have now established expectations and daily routines.  Through my classroom visitations, I have witnessed our teachers and students highly engaged in activities. It is clear that even though we are faced with difficult challenges, we continue to offer a high quality educational experience.  Some of these activities and events are highlighted in this newsletter.  This includes updates from each of our buildings, an athletic department update, among other school events and announcements.

In preparation for the school year, our maintenance and custodial staff worked extensively to provide health and safety precautions throughout our buildings.  Some of their work included replacing all water fountains with water bottle fill stations, constructing protective screens for secretaries, teachers and special services and also re configuring our classrooms and cafeterias to provide adequate spacing.

As we prepare for the second quarter, we will make a few adjustments as we move towards transitioning back to our regular schedule.  We will continue to utilize Wednesdays in a remote format during weeks that have five instructional days.  For weeks that we have a scheduled day off, students will report to our buildings on those Wednesdays.   Remote days have proven to be beneficial in providing twenty first century learning, offering professional development sessions and extending cleaning opportunities.  These aforementioned measures have all been a proactive and responsible approach to protecting our students and staff from COVID-19.  Please find the school calendar on our district website for a review of scheduled days.

As I begin my fifth year in the district, first as superintendent, I continue to be impressed with the amount of community pride that is displayed.  It was unfortunate that we had to cancel our Open House event and that we can only permit a limited number of spectators to our sporting events, however the district still appreciates your encouragement and support.  We must all work together to provide the best education possible of our students.

Your Partner in Education,

Kevin Smith                                                                                                                    Superintendent

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